1 part color, 2 parts whimsy

A dose of color and whimsy for this Monday afternoon. We have had an awful lot of libra birthdays at work, mine included, and I think any of the following etsy prints (2-8) would make darling little gifts >> 1) Jenny Bowers illustrated these wonderful birdcages -- I just love the mixture of layers and colors! 2) my favourites 3) such a perfect housewarming gift too -- I adore this lovely house, with its balloons and red vespa 4) I love you prints from dekanimal: bottle + typewriter. Especially perfect to brighten up your office walls are a 5) royal blue typewriter 6) scissors for your crafty side 7) this red suitcase print (I picked it up at a craft fair in Brooklyn and I must warn you that it will lead to increased wanderlust!) 8) a pretty pink camera ...and 9) last but not least, how delightful is Miss Bower's Easy Summer Living --what a picture of domestic harmony! 


a few things one might do


as the saying goes...

slow and steady wins the race >> 1) I'm cheating - but this hedge hog, ostrich coin purse was too cute to omit 2) my favorite frames, moscot's nebb 3) cocktail ring, by austrian designer mesi jilly 4) resin bar clutch 5) vintage seahorse earrings, only $10! 6) three ball table lamp 7) rootbeer bakelite bangle 8+20) mason pearson combs 9) glass vase - I see fresh cut peonies in them already 10) brass shell lamp 11) powder compact 12) quite possibly my favorite letter opener - the tortoise and the hare 13) stella clutch 14) patent bronze tortoise belt 15) paperweight 16) vintage dior sunglasses 17) patent flats 18) lucite horse-head brooch 19) bakelite button 

posting has been light lately, but there are several B-I-G announcements on the way... let's just say I can hardly wait for winter! xx, Jane


summer snaps

A few summer snaps  snippets of a season past >> 1 + 3) classic red mailbox + picket fence, on my great-aunt’s property in pennsylvania; that was her old stone house in the background, with ivy crawling up the chimney {you can read about the attic here} 2) packing up flowers with my bridesmaids from my aunt’s garden in the Adirondacks to take to the wedding site – I just l-o-v-e those fresh summer colors 4) I will call this still life of croquet set and Adirondack chair 5) little Zelda in the field
{photos taken on my iPhone}