goodbye summer; h-e-l-l-o fall

I'm back from a glorious honeymoon in Peru and slowly easing back into reality. As summer makes its way into fall, there's a nip in the New York air -- it's time to dust off your bean boots, and dig out the hats and scarves... I have a confession: Fall is my favorite season >> 1) dogs need scarves too 2) while others enjoy warmer climates 3) what a l-o-v-e-l-y rocking horse from katie armour home* 4) artwork by virginia johnson 5) oliver peoples' wilder 6) grand dad's bluff 7) it's a pencil sharpener holder, how brilliant! 8) some wise coasters for those hot toddies 9) initials and ampersand drawn by jessica hische -- hope it's not too early to be thinking stocking stuffers 10) bundle up 11) warmth in a lambs wool throw 12) twirl -- I've already used up my free sample, perhaps a purchase is in order 13) can't wait to get the first issue of Anthology! 14) wonderful trees of america cover 15) go through passport control in style -- the embossed cover reads "jet set" 16) saipua makes my heart flutter 17) the adventures of augie march 18) best doughnuts in new york 19) excellent coffee too! 20) loving oh joy!'s gold petal pusher wallpaper 21) dance into the holiday season with kate spade's abbie flats 22) and get out of a pickle with slices of life


i'm married!

At the farewell brunch yesterday, my dear friend Scotlan gifted me a little album of polaroids she had taken throughout the weekend – I just had to pop in and share a few of my favorites with you before we jet off to Peru tonight. The weekend was more than we ever could have dreamed of – from the BBQ+bonfire rehearsal dinner through Monday's farewell brunch, the flowers my aunt grew for the celebration and the countless little touches that my mom, wonderful bridesmaids and numerous friends + family pitched in to create – we really couldn't have wished for more or be more grateful. The Adirondacks looked their best in an end-of-summer glory, and our lakeside ceremony had just a 20-second sun sprinkle, which came out of nowhere and seemed all too fortuitously surreal*


the pleasure of your company

I'm getting married on Sunday and realize I have yet to post my favorite wedding project thus far – the invitations! I designed the invitation set to highlight elements of the Adirondacks – the little log cabins that are synonymous with the area and abundant acres of pines trees that dot the landscape as far as the eye can see. The watercolors were painted by my talented mother (see her Save the Date for us here) – I especially love the watercolor of Scott and I that I used on the invitation card! 

As our wedding is at an Adirondack camp, I designed the Save the Date as a postcard, illustrating the various activities that will take place over the Labor Day Weekend. Being an outdoor, activity-filled celebration (from croquet to Big Band music) it was important for me to highlight that aspect in the invitation package. And finally, an information guide to the area was also designed for the suite. Nearly all of Scott's family is traveling from Southern California, with our friends and my family coming from all corners of the country, I felt compelled to provide a brief overview of the beautiful region – from the French and Indian War to the abundance of organic farms, the area provides lots to explore for out-of-towners. 

The invitations were beautifully letterpress printed at Mama's Sauce, and I am so thankful for all the wonderful words they've received from family and friends. It was truly a joy of a project to work on! Hope you enjoy them too*


audrey + ip

I don't believe I'll be plopping down $700 for Taschen's brand new Bob Willoughby, Audrey Hepburn: Photographs 1953–1966 (though the tiffany-blue binding is quite tempting!), but I certainly enjoyed leafing through it. Whether it be a pensive moment behind the scenes at paramount studios or lounging on her living room sofa, Willoughby's work showcases a private and personal side to Audrey that few other photographers were able to capture. While her ball gowns are enough to make anyone's jaw drop, it's the photos of her and Ip that really catch my eye. Above are a few of my favorites, along with a couple quotes I found that exemplify my affection for them.

{I posted on Audrey + Ip last December when Bob Willoughby passed away; images from Taschen's sneak peak; quotes found here}