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audrey + ip

I don't believe I'll be plopping down $700 for Taschen's brand new Bob Willoughby, Audrey Hepburn: Photographs 1953–1966 (though the tiffany-blue binding is quite tempting!), but I certainly enjoyed leafing through it. Whether it be a pensive moment behind the scenes at paramount studios or lounging on her living room sofa, Willoughby's work showcases a private and personal side to Audrey that few other photographers were able to capture. While her ball gowns are enough to make anyone's jaw drop, it's the photos of her and Ip that really catch my eye. Above are a few of my favorites, along with a couple quotes I found that exemplify my affection for them.

{I posted on Audrey + Ip last December when Bob Willoughby passed away; images from Taschen's sneak peak; quotes found here}


quality aesthetics

From a carrier pigeon logo + aesthetic appeal to quality craftsmanship + plain old practicality --included above are a few things I admire >> 1) coaster I found at a park slope thrift shop 2) stonehenge by baldessari 3) miner's key ring by postalco 4) freedom - top of my reading list* 5) little vinatage sewing needle kit from the same park slope shop 6) paul smith easter rabbit - bid on it 7) hand cut silk ties by huntsman 8) book of eggleston photographs 9) cycles and seasons 10) heart of gold 11) jotter notepad by postalco 12) hamish bowles, as illustrated by jean-philippe 13) a rockwell 14) mardi gras studs* 15) leckey's cinema in the round 16) coat by agnes b, c.2007 17) thom browne tote for joyce 18) mac's please me - a perfect pink* 19) rene ricard work 20) jeff koons flower vase, from gagosian 21) alden cordovan loafers 22) klein tool bag - prototype for utilitarian chic


eclectic eccentric

I s-o enjoyed stumbling across Bergdorf's windows this weekend, themed eclectic eccentric -- I'm stealing the title for this rainy day post>> 1) TAKE IVY is abuzz - preorder your copy of the second edition of this classic here and now 2) la police - beautiful type with a fascinating story behind it 3) Wm.J.Mills tote 4) they gave the color wheel a spin 5) babe paley, by slim aarons - if only we could all be so effortlessly chic 6) needlepoint loafers by paige 7) jackie O in hermes and updike at his typewriter - i-c-o-n-i-c 8) ringneck pheasant feathers 9)  nice kicks! 10) found letters 11) donald evans' boot stamp 12) assortment of hotel soaps 13) vintage matchboxes 14) clipboard with a bird etching 15) patterned upholstered chair 16) heritage seeds 17) tropidesian quilt stamp by donald evans 18) gorgeous book covers 19) letters to edith - more of the genius inventory from sweet love vintage 20) more shoes! 21) a wee dose of practicality - castor and pollux tote


a sea of turtle soup

My great-aunt lived in a pre-revolutionary stone house in Chester County, PA. She was a woman of many interests -- from being a double major in French and Latin at Swarthmore in her 20s to showing AKC championship bassets into her 80s, and reading a book a day all the way through. If you could handle the dust, her attic was a most magical place for any child to explore. She passed away at the ripe age of 98 a couple winters back.

I visited the house recently, and the attic hasn't lost an ounce of its magic (nor dust!). There are stacks upon stacks upon stacks of Country Gentleman, Town & Country, House & Garden, Life and countless other periodicals dating from the turn of the 20th century onwards. Two of my favorite covers are this Town & Country from October 1936 (can you believe how contemporary it feels?!) and a House & Garden from December 1927 (they have the most wonderful art direction during that era!). Another gem I stumbled across was a game called Peter Coddle's Trip To New York. It comes with a hundred or so phrases to insert into a mad lib type booklet -- I scanned a handful for you here. A sea of turtle soup - how marvelous*