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eclectic eccentric

I s-o enjoyed stumbling across Bergdorf's windows this weekend, themed eclectic eccentric -- I'm stealing the title for this rainy day post>> 1) TAKE IVY is abuzz - preorder your copy of the second edition of this classic here and now 2) la police - beautiful type with a fascinating story behind it 3) Wm.J.Mills tote 4) they gave the color wheel a spin 5) babe paley, by slim aarons - if only we could all be so effortlessly chic 6) needlepoint loafers by paige 7) jackie O in hermes and updike at his typewriter - i-c-o-n-i-c 8) ringneck pheasant feathers 9)  nice kicks! 10) found letters 11) donald evans' boot stamp 12) assortment of hotel soaps 13) vintage matchboxes 14) clipboard with a bird etching 15) patterned upholstered chair 16) heritage seeds 17) tropidesian quilt stamp by donald evans 18) gorgeous book covers 19) letters to edith - more of the genius inventory from sweet love vintage 20) more shoes! 21) a wee dose of practicality - castor and pollux tote


a sea of turtle soup

My great-aunt lived in a pre-revolutionary stone house in Chester County, PA. She was a woman of many interests -- from being a double major in French and Latin at Swarthmore in her 20s to showing AKC championship bassets into her 80s, and reading a book a day all the way through. If you could handle the dust, her attic was a most magical place for any child to explore. She passed away at the ripe age of 98 a couple winters back.

I visited the house recently, and the attic hasn't lost an ounce of its magic (nor dust!). There are stacks upon stacks upon stacks of Country Gentleman, Town & Country, House & Garden, Life and countless other periodicals dating from the turn of the 20th century onwards. Two of my favorite covers are this Town & Country from October 1936 (can you believe how contemporary it feels?!) and a House & Garden from December 1927 (they have the most wonderful art direction during that era!). Another gem I stumbled across was a game called Peter Coddle's Trip To New York. It comes with a hundred or so phrases to insert into a mad lib type booklet -- I scanned a handful for you here. A sea of turtle soup - how marvelous*


you caught my eye

anya hindmarch coin purse,  the brilliance of my pantone past, I want these pearl and crystal cluster earrings, gold leaf cuff, adrianne lobel's set for Nixon In China, found tea tags, portrait featured in Lonny pg.118, ban.do corsage on such a sparkly blouse, clarks' new j.crewesque campaign, watercolor lobster, I love browsing the aiga portfolios just to come across beautiful things like this watercolor alphabet, oh what a sparkly shift, multicolor boat shoes, light havana persol shades, another painting from Lonny, gold watch, kate moss by mario testino for after hours, another ban.do corsage on a lovely navy jacket, uslu airlines polish in a gorgeous fall hue, mulberry leather carryall, Eero Saarien's list of Aline Bernstein's good qualities – so touching, kate moss posing for all shook up! in memphis, sketch by dana cowie, whit! brilliant*, indiana beaded clutch, and last but not least – the glorious abode of tim walker (featured in vogue australia living)


campground musings