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For an afternoon of museum-hopping or a field trip to the country, my picks to make the most of this gorgeous spring weather we're getting!

1/ sunnies 2/ embellished crest chambray 3/ Z: a novel 4/ floral scarf 5/ a southside fizz 6/ earrings 7/ horse bit bracelet 8/ leather messenger bag – the perfect carryall for a spring afternoon! 9/ polka dot pants 10/ open-toed ballet flats - LOVE!


NYT's 46 places to go in 2013

The Times published their annual list of cities, states, and countries to visit, sending me into a severe state of wanderlust. I've been to a fair number of the 46 spots they highlighted, but would love to one day cross them all off my list! Three spots that caught my eye in particular were #17 the Philippines, #19 the Kimberley region of Australia, and #28 Porto, Portugal. My dad lived in the Philippines for a bit and even did his freshman year of high school in Manila so I'm particularly curious to visit! I simply had to dream up a little kit bag... 

sandals / journal / gold knot studs / sunnies / camera / nail polish in Macbeth and Trout Pout / chambray / converse / phone case / skirt / duffle 


ski bunny

In the coffee shop this morning I overheard a couple chatting about their weekend ski plans for Vermont, and I slowly turned green with envy. I'm adding a trip to the slopes to my winter field trip list stat. I hope you all have a lovely weekend, whether skiing or otherwise!

1. Letterpress cable knit coasters 2. Calypso trapper hat 3. Rag & Bone penfield jacket 4. wooden skis monogrammed with MM – believed to have belonged to miss Marilyn Monroe 5. Maine, smells glorious 6.USPS's new evergreen stamps 7. stay snug in this theory coat 8. sip a cup of Droste's cocoa in the lodge 9.kate spade siberian tiger mittens 10. vintage snowflake earrings 11. tory burch rabbit fur boots  12. Oliver Peoples sunglasses 13. How to Ski – I just love the vintage Sun Valley shots


field trip

I may not be packing my bag full of books and heading off to school every day, but I do have plenty of field trips planned. I hope you all get to take the time to explore new spots this season, whether it's a train ride away or just around the corner >> 1) vintage seagrams keychain on ebay 2) read up on your favorite first lady 3) vintage gold bracelet from doyle & doyle 4) checked top by toast 5) if I had the money, I would purchase this ancient fossil from sotheby's 6) beautiful old matchbook cover 7) magnifying glass pendant, on ebay 8) if only maira kalman had illustrated my elementary school grammar books 9) lavender jade gold earrings from doyle & doyle 10) vintage embossed pencil 11) butterflies, dried and sold individually, so you can create your own shadow box collection 12) yet another much more stylish dictionary than the Websters we lugged around 13) highlighted notepads 14) cute calling card, always good to have on hand 15) a kodak 35 manual 16) I a-d-o-re this green box of staples 17) lily & jae pencil skirt 18) if I had the cash, this franck muller watch would be mine as well 19) an ever handy tote to lug home your flea market finds 20) postcard of buster keaton's home 21) nice low-tops! by marais USA