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NYT's 46 places to go in 2013

The Times published their annual list of cities, states, and countries to visit, sending me into a severe state of wanderlust. I've been to a fair number of the 46 spots they highlighted, but would love to one day cross them all off my list! Three spots that caught my eye in particular were #17 the Philippines, #19 the Kimberley region of Australia, and #28 Porto, Portugal. My dad lived in the Philippines for a bit and even did his freshman year of high school in Manila so I'm particularly curious to visit! I simply had to dream up a little kit bag... 

sandals / journal / gold knot studs / sunnies / camera / nail polish in Macbeth and Trout Pout / chambray / converse / phone case / skirt / duffle 



A road trip to Memphis is on my wish list this Spring... along with just a few things for my suitcase. 1.document holder 2. plaid thermos 3. sunglasses 4. tote 5. lollie ring (to match the keds!) 6. I need this credit card holder 7. PJs 8. keds 9. gingham shorts 10. shea butter hand cream


so cal to seattle

Kaylee and Johnny traveled from Southern California to Seattle for their road trip theme engagement shoot (which conjures up this Kate Spade ad). Shot by the photographer couple Sarah and Chris Rhoads, their retro-inspired shots couldn't be more endearing. Scott and I are going to do a photo session with our wedding photographer before the BIG day – I'd be thrilled to pieces if it's half as cute as this. {found here}

PS. Hailey- Kaylee's wearing s-u-p-e-r cute red rain boots by Hunter, if you're still looking for a pair*


these cats {went everywhere!}

They're two couples, four best friends – I found an old album of their great american road trip, filled with photos developed in June of 1959.  I have always wanted to make a similar journey cross country myself, but for now I'll just have to live vicariously through them. The Tetons, Grand Canyon, Lady Liberty, Oregon Trail ... it's all old hat for these cats. Perhaps I'll share more gems from their journey another time.